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Inclusive Home Staging  Consultation


 A professional qualified stager will provide a complete evaluation of the property from a buyer´s perspective. The Stager will decide on necessary steps to de-clutter and de-personalize, recondition and revitalize the home for the next owner. We aim to maximize the impact of the property´s focal points and attributes. We pay considerate attention to the placement of furniture, style, lighting and color. We make sugestions of adding or removing furniture and more colorful accents, with the intention of making the property ready for new owners. If the home will be occupied we take careful consideration to the needs and the daily routine of the occupants. 

Full or Partial Home Staging

 We will address the layout of the home, the function and flow of the rooms to provide custom staging to place emphasis on maximizing the selling potential of the property. We work with the seller’s furnishings, artwork and accessories and if necessary add accessories or furniture in order to complete the staging design. Furniture from our own inventory or a rental company is arranged, also provided are decorative accessories which are purchased or provided for the term of services.


Quick Stage for Photo Ready


While we recommend a full staging, it’s important to do at least a Quick Staging for Photo Shoots because

1) Over 90% of buyers start their search online, in order to catch their attention, It's imperative that the rooms
are appealing in photographs or else you are a mouse-click away from losing a potential buyer.

2) While not ideal, it can somewhat accomplish the same goals as a complete staging when time and budget don’t allow

What Quick Staging includes:



    -Adding, removing or rearranging the occupants furniture and decorative accessories
    -Possibly adding some of our own attractive decorative accessories for the shoot
    -Depersonalize and Declutter
    -Recomendations such as a fresh coat of paint or new light fixtures ect.



First impressions are everything. And all too often, poor photographs or none at all, turns prospective buyers away. However, a good photo created by a professional can show a property in its best possible light and make an imprison that speaks out about the unique features, personality and design of the property in one simple glance.



Fast, efficient and affordable with a million dollar look, Painting Company can take your home to the next level and give that extra something to refresh your home. Our painters are passionate about the craftsmanship and detail they bring to every job. With 26 years experience with you can expect to be impressed.

Window Cleaning


Ron has over 20 years of experience in cleaning windows. His cleaning processes leaves your windows exceptionally clean! He is a great finishing touch, leaving the windows sparkling after staging the property.






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